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Is your kitchen pantry an unorganized mess? Is everything in different types of packaging?

And you don’t know where to find or store anything? Has the sugar spilled and is coating the bottom of your cabinet? Is the cereal spilling out of the box and onto the counter? Are the cookies getting stale?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the chaos on the counters? Flustered by the packages stuffed into the cabinets? Guilty about the waste of food? Irritated at the crumbs and annoyed at the time it takes to get what you want?

The EZOWare Round Clear Glass Jars Set offers a healthy and easy way to store food or tidy up and organize your kitchen cooking ingredients. Clear and easy to access storage for dry foods, flours, snacks, or spices and seasonings. The jars are constructed of durable and temperature resistant borosilicate glass with a natural bamboo wood lid and silicone airtight ring. This set of jars offers a standard capacity of 1000ml for multipurpose use.Bring joy to your cooking and baking experiences by having everything organized, accessible, and stored.

glass jar

A thermal shock resistant and food-grade glass

  • Capacity: 1000ml
  • Dimensions (each): ⌀ 11.5 x 16.5 cm
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass, Bamboo Wood, Silicone.
  • Set of 4

Kindly Note:

The 1000ml is volume capacity.

Food weight calculation is not a 1ml to 1gram conversion, it varies due to type of liquids and solids used as they have differing densities.

Set of containers to easily organize and store your snacks, foods, spices, or other items

glass jar

glass jar

glass jar

glass jar

glass jar

Attractive Bamboo Wood

  • Made of natural bamboo wood, an ecological and sustainable wood source.

Kindly Note – The lid is wood, it should be wiped clean or hand washed only and dried to maintain.

glass jar

Airtight Seal

  • Each canister lid has a silicone rubber gasket for airtight closure.
  • Helps to ensure hermetic sealing to keep food fresh longer and lock out moisture.

glass jar

Transparent Bottle

Easily Identify the Contents

You can control how much to pour out and know how much is left in it directly through the clear glass ,that is very convenient.

glass jar

Heat-Resistant and Cold-Resistant

  • Made with durable borosilicate glass. A thermal shock resistant and food-grade glass.
  • Thickened bottom for extra sturdiness.
  • Refrigerator and dishwasher (without lid) safe (-20℃ to +150℃).

glass jar
glass jar
glass jar
glass jar
glass jar

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