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Aquarium Filter External, hang up Filter, Water Pumps, Waterfall Maker, Oxygen Setup machine – super for aquarium accessories
*** 220-240V 50Hz only (in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan please dont buy)***
1) Product Specifications:        
W=Wattage; cm=centimeter; m=meter; L/H = Liter per hour
Brand New Aquarium Tank Water Pumps
Max Delivery
Max Flow Rate
Power Cable Length
Power Plug
AC220-240V 50Hz ONLY!
(in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan please dont buy!!!)
19.5cm Height
About 110cm
Europe Plug Adapter
(2 Round Pins)
8cm Length
Australia Plug Adapter
(2 Flat Inclined Pins)
8cm Width
US Plug Adapter
(2 Flat Pins)

Attention: Please make sure your aquarium tank’s wall can hang up this pump

Attention: Please choose the right Plug Adapter for your house in your country

Below 8kinds Model for your choice: 

1. Only Machine(1x filter cotton included)

2. Machine + 3pcs Far Infrared Ray Bacteria Ring(No.1 FIRBR) = Machine 3xNo1 FIRBR

3. Machine + 3pcs Far Infrared Ray Bacteria Ball(No.2 FIRBB) = Machine 3xNo2 FIRBB

4. Machine + 4pcs Organisms Ring(No.3 OR) = Machine 4xNo3 OR

5. Machine + 4pcs Far Infrared Ray Breathing Ring(No.4 FIRBR) = Machine 4xNo4 FIRBR

6. Machine + 4pcs Biochemical Glass Breathing Ring(No.5 BGBR) = Machine 4xNo5 BGBR

7. Machine + 20pcs Active Carbon(No.6 AC) = Machine 20xNo6 AC

8. Machine + 8pcs Vesuvianite(No.7 V) = Machine 8xNo7 V


2) Product Features:

  • Silent & quiet operating

  • Effectively increase air for your aquarium with water filter

  • Easy partner with any square aquarium tank – external by hanging up

  • Water Pumps, Waterfall Maker, Oxygen Setup Pump,  Filter(with aquarium filter system bacteria material)


3) Care to use(Attention):

  1. Before to use the pump machine, please fill the filter box of full water. So that you can keep the pump with long lifespan

  2. Please give rest to the machine pump with 4~8hours per day

  3. After work for one monthplease remember to clean or clear filter sponges to keep the outstanding filtering performance for the pump


4) Product Pictures:

5) Package including:
  • 1pc Aquarium Water Pump + others(depends on you)
  • Double Carton + Cardboard Bracket/Foam Stuffing (2 kind of package for choice) 
6) Payment:
  • Secured payment – Alipay Escrow by Visa,MasterCard,QIWI,Debit Cards,Bank Transfer,Western Union
7) Shipping:
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8) Service:
  1. Original Global Standards & High Level Quality in our Store to maintain high performing & outstanding product to lead the market
  2. All of question if you have will be responded within 12hours
  3. All details will be ensured perfectly before shipment to make sure your time & your need will be guaranteed
  4. Standard Manufacturer’s 12months Warranty with Full-life Free Repair
  5. Orders will be processed out within 4days by our efficient shipping method
  6. We are trying our best to supply the best products & the best service. Therefore, your feedback & your suggestion means everything to us
  7. Customer is the first place in our mind. We are servicing with hearts. If all of us are good, please remember to add us to your store list & remember to give us 5stars. Our store always have surprise for you : )


9) About us:
 We are a company who has a team working for you in specific line field. Since 2008, we began doing business oversea internationally, with seeking channels to run an enterprise for lasting very long time. Going on with rich experience, “Customer First” never changed in our mind, and now we are here & we are living around you.
We wish you have a happy shopping – Best Wishes from Maggie Emily
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Weight 10.5822 oz
Dimensions 7.8740 × 3.9370 × 3.9370 in

Machine 20xNo6 AC, Machine 3xNo1 FIRBR, Machine 3xNo2 FIRBB, Machine 4xNo3 OR, Machine 4xNo4 FIRBR, Machine 4xNo5 BGBR, Machine 8xNo7 V, Only Machine

Max Delivery Distance



AU Plug adapter, EU Plug adapter, US Plug adapter

Power Cord Plug

Europe Plug, Australia Plug & US Plug

Max Flow Rate


Machine Total Height

19.5cm (WidthxLength = about 8x8cm)

Brand Name


Power Cable Length

About 110cm




220-240V only (110V please dont buy)

How to use

Easy to partner with any square aquarium tank – external by hanging up


8 kinds for your choice


Machine(1xfilter cotton included) + Others(depends on you)



Product Line

Water Pumps & Waterfall Maker & Aquarium Filter

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